Holistic Health and Nutrition

“Web” Development

Ok, I literally knew nothing about WordPress or html or any of that before a couple of days ago. I’m sure with patience and watching videos it would have been a little easier, but I’m a Tinkerer.

Thankfully my brother (shout out!) was kind enough to be lame with me on a Saturday night and help me out a bit, but I’m realizing that being a perfectionist at heart and putting together a website aren’t the best pairing.

After several loud sighs from the German Huskador (no really, you guys – she huffed at me like, 27 times), the perfectionist switch flipped as I too value sleep more than my ideal website. While I sincerely doubt it’s the end of revisions (and font tweaks and spacing and image changes and color updates), I think it’s good enough to be upgraded from the construction zone!

~Thanks and Stay Shiny