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Blog Subscription Option & Beauty Counter

So, I’ve been asked about adding a “subscribe” button so you guys can just get an email when I post a new blog post.  I tinkered with it a bit today, but waaayyyy too much personal information gets attached to you just simply subscribing to my website.  SO, I’m working on some modifications, and hope to have the button up within a couple of days.

The other update is that I have signed up as a Beauty Counter Consultant (and I might fall flat on my face, but oh well, at least I’m trying).  I’ve added a page to my site specifically FOR Beauty Counter, but I’ll certainly have a post here and there about it as well.  I have avoided selling virtually anything for so long, but I really do love Beauty Counter, what they stand for, and what they put in their products.  So feel free to check out my Beauty Counter page if you want to know more.  They do have a limited product selection, but there’s skincare, makeup, hair care, kiddo care, and probably another couple of things I’ve missed.