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Terrible Journal-er, Terrible Blogger

Apologies – I have been distracted!

For those that have been patient, the exciting news is that I am officially affiliated with Dry Farm Wines!!!  What does that mean for you?  That means you get a bottle for a PENNY on your first order when you order here. I personally only drink DFW (Dry Farm Wines) wine now.  It’s Paleo/Keto approved, sugar free, 12.5% ABV or lower (most of mine are around 11-12 – just FYI – lowest is 9.5%), and it’s the best foodie-related decision I’ve made AFTER moving to a generally healthier nutrition-focused ‘diet’.

In other news, I have always been terrible at journaling or keeping up with a diary, and while I’d hoped blogging wouldn’t incur the same tragedy, I’ve neglected it in pursuit of other interests.  Fortunately, I had a Come to Jesus moment – which really just means I kicked myself in the butt and asked myself to REALLY check my priorities, and how closely they align with my passion.  So, while I’m certainly never going to promise regular weekly blog updates, I’m making it a higher priority than it has been.

I hope you continue to learn with me, to thrive with me, and to love with me.  And one of these days I might even officially hire someone to clean this up and make it all a bit more professional!

Stay Shiny,