Holistic Health and Nutrition

About Me

Welcome to my website!  I am a Texas girl who has fallen in love with all things nutrition, and stumbled across the Nutritional Therapy Association in late summer of 2017.  I have enrolled for the February 2018 session to become a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner!  Please check out www.nutritionaltherapy.com for more details.  Additional education features a Bachelor of Arts in History earned from Texas A&M University in 2005. While I absolutely loved my studies at Texas A&M, my professional experience has been predominately focused on Data Analytics and Performance Management.  I’ve also expanded my professional career into a partnership focusing on education for safer skincare options.

While awaiting official learnings and certifications, you can come to my website to read my random ramblings on things I’ve heard off amazing podcasts, find pictures (and maybe recipes) of delicious food, a few animal pictures (ok, my dogs – I take a lot of pictures of my dogs – but they’re super cute – promise!), and probably quite a few rants depending on what exactly has happened that day.  Thank you for visiting!  You can also check out my social media by using any of the links on the right hand side of the page.  Thanks for stopping by!