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Great News! And a transparent look…(and coffee)

So I just realized it’s actually been more than two months since my last post.  If you’re actually reading this blog 1) thank you! and 2) have you checked out my social media?  Particularly Instagram?  I’m there alot.  www.instagram.com/nutritionaltiff Anywho – SORRY.  But my last […]

Exciting Announcement Coming..

Ok, ya’ll.  It’s not 100% ready to share yet — but I have some exciting news coming.  Check back soon!!! Cheers!! Thanks, and Stay Shiny! Tiffany

Tamanu Oil – The most magical oil I’ve ever found

Updated 10/23/2017 with a new product recommendation. Quite a few years ago, Matrix came out with a new line called “Exquisite Oils”.  It was a hair oil/serum to help prevent breakage, etc.  Oils had started to become a beauty trend, and this was their attempt […]

Quick Random Yoga Pant Loving Post

When you find something that you wish you could wear every day, you have to share. I placed a custom order with an Etsy seller back in July because I wanted a loose leg yoga pant, and everything is super tight and spandexy, because that’s […]

My personal view of MLMs (Multi Level Marketing Companies)

Anyone who has basically ever talked to me knows the chance of getting me to sign up for an MLM is without a doubt zero.  I have no sales skills.  I have no marketing skills.  I can LOVE a product, but if you don’t need […]

Why My Cover Photo (used to be) Cheese

Anyone who knew me before the age of 13 or so knew my diet was mainly bread (or some grain form) and cheese.  Healthy, right?  But I LOVED cheese.  Still do.  I couldn’t understand how these other kids had cheese (or dairy) intolerances.  Lactose? What?  […]

Balanced Bites, Bold Moves, and Other Ramblings

In the past 10 days, I’ve done alot. Even for an over-achiever type. I figured out how to start a blog. It’s not perfect, nothing ever is.  In this last week, I’ve enrolled in Nutritional Therapy Association to pursue a certification as a Nutritional Therapy […]