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Great News! And a transparent look…(and coffee)

So I just realized it’s actually been more than two months since my last post.  If you’re actually reading this blog 1) thank you! and 2) have you checked out my social media?  Particularly Instagram?  I’m there alot.  www.instagram.com/nutritionaltiff Anywho – SORRY.  But my last […]

Exciting Announcement Coming..

Ok, ya’ll.  It’s not 100% ready to share yet — but I have some exciting news coming.  Check back soon!!! Cheers!! Thanks, and Stay Shiny! Tiffany

Safer Pain Relief (the Kratom Post)

Anyone that’s known me for more than two seconds probably knows I suffer from migraines.  No, no, please don’t call it a headache.  It’s different.  My vision suffers.  Things are blurry, one eye literally hurts at the sight of any light.  My stomach is queasy.  […]

Tamanu Oil – The most magical oil I’ve ever found

Updated 10/23/2017 with a new product recommendation. Quite a few years ago, Matrix came out with a new line called “Exquisite Oils”.  It was a hair oil/serum to help prevent breakage, etc.  Oils had started to become a beauty trend, and this was their attempt […]

Eating Wild

The last two days have been exhausting, and the next few weeks will reflect the same.  Yes, I’m always exhausted, but someone close to me had a fairly significant surgery, and anyone who has spent their days going back and forth to a hospital knows […]